The Hardest High School Classes Students Need To Know

High school can be an academically challenging time for students as they attempt to balance their interests and strengths across various subjects. Some classes, however, are notorious for their difficulty. This article explores some of the most challenging high school classes according to students’ reviews and experiences.

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Many students find Mathematics one of the most challenging subjects in high school. Most need help memorizing formulas, understanding complex concepts, and applying mathematical principles to solve problems.

The subject demands critical thinking, a strong foundation in basic principles, and the ability to grasp abstract ideas. Excel assistance can be helpful, but only for those proficient in it. Additionally, the strict grading system in Math leaves little room for error.

Student Review:

“Math is incredibly challenging for me due to the immense amount of formulas and concepts; it’s hard to memorize and understand everything.”


Physics is another subject that students frequently find difficult. Its heavy reliance on mathematical tools and the abstract nature of the laws and concepts can make it challenging to grasp. Students are often required to perform experiments and write lab reports, adding to the challenge.

Student Review:

“Physics is so hard because it’s all based on complex concepts and requires a solid Math background, which I don’t have.”


Some students need help with English, particularly those who excel in Math and Science. The language’s many rules and exceptions and subjective questions about an author’s intent can make it seem challenging to understand and appreciate.

Student Review:

“English is tough for me because there are so many rules, and I prefer subjects with clear, definite answers.”


Chemistry is another high school subject that many students consider difficult. Like Physics, it requires a solid foundation in Math and often explores complex concepts that can be hard to grasp.

Student Review:

“I struggle with Chemistry because the concepts are difficult to understand, and it’s hard to see the real-life applications.”


Many students find Literature challenging due to the requirement for deep reading, analysis, and reflection on an author’s thoughts and intentions. The subjective nature of evaluating Literature can also make it difficult for students to feel confident in their abilities.

Student Review:

“Literature is hard for me because it requires so much time and effort to understand what the author is trying to say.”

Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, etc.)

Finally, foreign language classes are often considered difficult by high school students. Learning a new language requires not only a significant time commitment but also an understanding of different linguistic structures and a willingness to adapt to unfamiliar methods of communication.

Student Review:

“Foreign language classes are the hardest for me because they require so much persistence and effort.”

In conclusion, the most challenging high school classes often share common characteristics:

  • A reliance on understanding complex concepts
  • A need for a solid foundation in previous subjects
  • The demand for critical thinking

However, with determination and effort, students can rise to the challenge and excel in these complicated subjects.


This article discusses some of the most challenging high school classes according to students, including Mathematics, Physics, English, Chemistry, Literature, and foreign languages.

These subjects often require a strong understanding of complex concepts and critical thinking skills. However, with determination and effort, students can overcome these challenges and succeed academically. Make sure to prioritize your mental health while tackling difficult subjects and seek help from teachers, peers, or tutors if needed.

Remember, it’s okay to struggle and ask for assistance; what matters is the effort you put into understanding and mastering these challenging classes.

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